Tiburón Island is both the largest island in the Gulf of California and the largest island in Mexico, with an area of 464 sq mi (1,200 km²). It was made a nature reserve in 1963 by President Adolfo López Mateos. Tiburón is Spanish for shark.
Originally populated by the Seri Indian tribe, they have since been relocated to the mainland. Today only about 2000 Seri survive in a small village, Punta Chueca about 20 miles north of Bahia Kino.


The coastline is a combination of sandy beach, gravel shore and low cliffs. There are many secluded coves on the island. The interior of the island is mostly mountainous (the Sierra Menor). Low resolution topographic maps are available (topo lines drawn at 100m increments).


A desert climate. The island is part of the Sonoran desert. Winter temperatures are nearly ideal, while summer can be deadly. Strong winter winds can be a concern in December and January.