Sonora Dark Horn Adventures
Quality Sonora Hunting
15 Years of hunting and guiding experience in Mexico.

Sonora Dark Horn Adventures (SDHA) is “trophy quality” guiding/outfitting service specializing in desert mule deer, Coues deer, and desert bighorn hunting in Sonora, Mexico. The origins of SDHA are rooted in the accumulation of over 14 consecutive years of hunting and guiding in Sonora. Throughout the past decade and one half, the principal owners of SDHA have encountered both the good and the bad relative to the Mexican Big Game Hunting experience. The goal of SDHA is to make available to a select and limited number of serious trophy hunters a reliable, consistent and honest venue for pursuing their passion.

The Coues Deer in this area was a complete surprise. After being told there were few to no whitetail on these ranches, we found just the opposite. These ranchers have both quantity and quality. 85% of the deer harvested have grossed over a 100” and 37% grossing over 110”.
Breeding Period: January
Young Appear: August
Average Number of Young: 2
Distribution: 2500K-10K ft  
Habitat: Oak-grasslands, chaparral, and pine forests
Food Preference: Weeds, shrubs, mast, grass, mistletoe, and cacti fruits in season
Range: 4 sq. miles
Live Weight: M-125lbs.; F-80lbs.
Predators: Mountain lion, bobcat, eagle, and coyote